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Joy enjoys her roles at Raynes Engineering, which include purchasing, accounting, inventory, customer service, and general office management. As the non-engineer of the team, she tries to hold down the fort and make things run smoothly so that John can stay focused on engineering projects. Joy uses QuickBooks as our accounting package and is well versed in Microsoft Word and Excel. She ran our office in Salt Lake when it had a small staff of engineers and technicians, so she knows her way around payroll and has been our human resources coordinator on a small scale. Her former teaching and sales experience have come in handy in the business, when she has written user manuals for our software programs and advertising for our solar products. Joy uses Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and Go Live to develop our brochures, and add items to our web site. Though she is not a graphics designer, she enjoys the chance to be creative and use the other side of her brain. She has also learned some basic electronic technician skills along the way that come in handy in a small team. Joy has enjoyed learning new skills, information and software as needed to fill in the gaps and make the business run. To find out more about Joy's background, you can access her resume by clicking here or on the link below.
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