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Raynes Engineering is a two-person consulting business founded in 1995 by John Raynes, specializing in the design, limited manufacture, and integration of high performance measurement and control systems. (The business grew to as many as seven employees for a period of time during 1999-2000, but has returned to and remains in its initial form since that time.) Starting his career with a degree in Electrical Engineering, John worked for over 15 years for various medium-to-large manufacturing companies, covering the gamut from power electronics to microelectronic instrumentation, in a range of industrial and medical applications. During that time, he filled a variety of positions including electronic design engineer, manufacturing engineer, test engineer, project manager, and engineering department manager.

Since becoming a full-time independent consultant in 1996, John has specialized in programming of measurement, control and automation systems, from embedded controllers and PLCs to Windows PCs with intensive graphics and database access. He also continues to pursue electronic design, and sensor development and interfacing. To a limited degree, he has been contracted to perform on-site project management, and has developed and presented training courses on Windows-based control programming. John is also a first-rate troubleshooter of complex automation systems and processes. Click here for John's Resume.

John's key strength is the ability to handle any and all functions associated with the development of instruments and instrumentation systems, including sensor design, compensation, analog and digital electronic design, embedded programming, PC-based software interfaces, and addressing all necessary manufacturing, test, and QC-related issues. He's also a hands-on on guy who loves (prefers!) to get his hands dirty. Theory and paper design and modeling are necessary and essential, but the real satifaction comes from starting up and fine tuning a measurement/control system and its related processes.

Starting in 2000, in addition to commercial engineering consulting, John began to take on work in the area of solar photovoltaic (PV) applications, doing business as RE Solar. This business has included the design and installation of residential solar electric power systems, and design and installation of PV data logging systems. In conjunction with taking on this additional line of work, the business was relocated from Salt Lake City, UT to Torrey, UT (near Capitol Reef National Park) in 2003.

The other (better) half of Raynes Engineering is Joy Raynes, John's wife of 25 years. Joy has handled all accounting, purchasing, inventory, office management and internal project management since the very beginning. She has also done extensive electronic assembly and testing of John's design work. Before starting the company with John, Joy had a successful career in teaching, in textbook sales, and in customer service management. You can learn more about Joy's background, and access her resume, here.